CMJ Wrapup

October 17, 2004

I tried to make good use of the free CMJ Music Marathon badge, and now I am quite tired.

Team America: World Police: Funny, if you accept that it is a movie about Hollywood. Great songs, like "Montage" and "America, Fuck Yeah!"

Hidden Cameras: Ridiculous and fun. Lots of people on stage, lots of energy.
French Kicks: 45 minutes in search of a hook.
The Decemberists: Much more fun than might be expected from the lineup.
Bowery Ballroom: Best venue in NYC with the best sound. The volume and the mix are just right.

Zzzz: The sound at Northsix was awful for these guys. I have no idea what they actually sound like.
Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!: Some good songwriting, but gimmicky.
Saturday Looks Good to Me: A bit of a motown vibe. Fun.
The Bosch: Playing downstairs at Northsix may not have been ideal. In terms of atmosphere and sound system, it was like playing a frat party. The Wetlands used to have a similar setup with a small stage downstairs, but one that was much better than at Northsix. Unlike at Northsix, people there to see a band in the main room had a reason to go downstairs (that's where the bathrooms were) and did not have to pay a separate cover charge to go downstairs. The set was fun and ridiculous, with guest appearances from members of the opening band, Logjam.

Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven: Solid show. The material from CVB's new album doesn't suck.

The Bamboo Kids: Perhaps the band with lowest buzz:quality ratio in NYC. A very short set, but very good. It was a record release party for their new album and the start of a big tour. They'll be back in NYC on Nov. 9.

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More to follow, including links...

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