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November 16, 2004

Program the DVR or VCR or plan to be in front of the television at 9 pm. The Amazing Race is on with a double-length (two hour episode.)

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Update (11/18):
The two hour premier repeats on Saturday, Nov. 20 at 8pm.

NY Times: An Audience Finally Catches Up to 'The Amazing Race'

Out of Focus: The Race is on explains the appeal of TAR.

ALoTT5MA: Dude, You Look Like a Smurf

Television Without Pity recaplet and forum: The Game's Afoot

TARflies Times: Analysis

Iceland Air wants to help tourists visit Iceland and recreate Leg 1 of Race 6: Trace the Race

My thoughts follow in the extended entry...

  • Jews from Brooklyn, you let the rest of us down! The lesson: detour tasks which require searching for something are a Bad Idea.
  • Gus, it's the amazing race, not the amazing stroll.
  • Jonathan (The loud smurf) may be the most annoying person ever on television.
  • No Roadblock?
  • Two hours of the first episode gave us a chance to figure out who the teams are. The only two teams who made absolutely no impression are Freddy/Kendra ("engaged models") and Kris/Jon ("dating long distance")
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