Phone Home

November 18, 2004

On Monday, I caught The Telephones play at Arlene's Grocery and came away very impressed. They have a relatively distinct sound, mainly because of the singer's voice and their songs are compelling and catchy, if relatively down. Highly recommended. The Telephones will be in residency at Arlene's for Mondays in November-- which means they'll be back there next week and the following week, at 9 pm, no cover.

Last night, I saw the Head Set at Pianos. They were pretty good, with an angular sound, somewhat evocative of the Strokes, but less laid-back. Unfortunately, all of their songs started to run together and sound alike after 30 minutes or so. The Head Set is in residency at Pianos on Wednesdays in November, so they will be back there again next week.

Saturday, The Bosch are back at Trash, playing some new songs, once again with Walk Humongous. We're on at 10:30. As always at Trash, admission includes an open bar.

Posted by Andrew Raff at November 18, 2004 11:08 PM
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