Why blog?

December 7, 2004

Apparently, there may be reasons to blog other than procrastination. "Blog" is the number 1 word of the year (but only in noun, not verb, form).

Sandhill Trek gets feedback from a wide variety of bloggers about Why Do We Blog?. After writing Join the Blawg Bandwagon, ambivalent immbroglio asks his readers Why do you blog?

I use blogs in order to keep track of links, note obvious trends and write about music and reality tv. Occasionally, I'll attempt to string some ideas together into a semi-coherent form. It may be possible to synthesize some of those posts into a coherent form and call that a seminar paper. For a better writer than me, it may be possible to take some blog posts and turn it into a paying gig.

BusinessWeek thinks that there are things happening in The Business Of Blogging: "Clearly, the business of blogs is in its infancy, with lots to be worked out. But that's not stopping marketers, entrepreneurs, and writers alike from diving into this newest form of New Media."

Of course, with the intrusion of commercialization into RSS feeds, a space generally unsullied by advertising, readers are preparing to block RSS advertising.

For some people, blogging may generate money, while it may threaten the livelihood of other bloggers. Wired News reports: Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard.

Finally, blogs may be a way to hook up. Perhaps I may need to explore that angle... (In the words of Strong Bad, "Ladies, form a line to my left...")

Posted by Andrew Raff at December 7, 2004 11:59 PM
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