What a Wonderful World

January 4, 2005

After reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, I poked around the web to learn more about its many permutations and found out that a film version will be released this year. The web site and teaser trailer both look promising. The teaser trailer features Louis Armstrong version of What a Wonderful World.


Last year, another teaser trailer used What a Wonderful World for good effect-- Joey Ramone's version, that is-- The Amazing Race.

And here's another version, from Agents of Good Roots: What a Wonderful World, recorded at TLA in Philadelphia, PA on Jul. 24, 1998.

Speaking of the Amazing Race, tonight's episode was another solid one, although there may have been some better quotes than "One of You, I'm Going to Break in Half," such as:

"That's why women don't rule the world" (Jonathan)
"Ooh, it's very vibraty" (Kris)
"Supermodel" (Bolo, singing)
"I think we need some more music" (Aaron)
"It didn't taste like blood" (Bolo)

Considering that Bolo was eating raw sausage at the detour two weeks ago, is it at all surprising that he gulped down that blood quickly?

The musicians at the Roadblock were great.

Gus and Hera were burned by bad detour selection-- although they chose wisely with building the Ikea desk and viking games, they also chose paddling, fishing, ice search and bald-snarked the trebuchet to do the cannonball run. They will be missed. On the other hand, Gus in a Speedo? Perhaps America should thank you for choosing unwisely...

Posted by Andrew Raff at January 4, 2005 11:30 PM
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