A Debt-Fueled Pimpmobile

January 28, 2005

In a review of Christine Todd Whitman's new book, Steven Hart uses a delightful turn of phrase to describe Republican party of George W. Bush as "a debt-fueled pimpmobile for crony capitalists and religious hucksters." Salon.com: The moderate who wasn't there.

Posted by Andrew Raff at January 28, 2005 01:13 PM
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I think the 'pimpmobile' moniker was more amenable to the Slick Willie express.
Salon Just can't come to terms with the beloved 'people', the backbone of their rhetocial method, shutting their side down in novermber. As a Red, I propose that they keep the angry pot-shots coming, it's been working for our side side the days of Reagan (viva la Reagan Revolucion).
We (Red's) are within Senate strikeing distance of makeing (likely soon to be Chief) Justice Scalia look like a moderate.
-insert evil laugh

Posted by: Red on January 29, 2005 01:40 PM
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