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March 9, 2005

Two episodes in, TAR7 is shaping up nicely and is much, much quieter than Race 6 (which admittedly did drop a few decibels after Jonathan/Victoria and Lori/Bolo were Philiminated.) Also, significantly decreased usage of the word "baby" is good. In these first two legs, bunching has been counteracted with artificial un-bunches with production-supplied plane tickets.

Are Ron/Kelly the first team whose on-screen subtitle identifies the two as individuals (Former POW/Beauty Queen) rather than by relationship (e.g. Dating, Formerly Dating, Dating/Models, Dating/Actors, Married, Parent/Child, Friends/Lawyers, Friends/Clowns, Air Traffic Controllers, Dating/Virgins, etc.) Since a large part of the show's dynamic is about the intra-team relationships, why not focus on that relationship for all teams?

TAR7 far outclasses any of its predecessors in terms of online video extras. The 'Behind the Race' segments are an interesting and insightful look into the race run by Phil and the production team. These segments are far superior to the Phil's Diaries clips (which were somewhat interesting during TAR5, but became completely pointless during TAR6.) It will be interesting to see what kind of extras end up on the TAR Classic DVD release.

Posted by Andrew Raff at March 9, 2005 10:28 PM
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