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June 21, 2005

Kevin called me out for the latest blog music meme, and since, "when somebody challenges you to [blog], you have to [blog] back at them, or else they'll think you're weak," it's on. See You Got F'd In The A

The questions

-- what is my total volume of music
-- what is the last CD I bought
-- what song is playing right now
-- what five songs do I listen to a lot because they are special to me
-- five people I'm passing the musical baton to

Total volume of music

4083 songs, 15.3 days, 23.59 GB in iTunes, with a bunch of CD's still yet to rip into iTunes.

what is the last CD I bought

The last album I bought was Beck Guero as a download on iTunes. The last album I added to iTunes from CD was The Walk Ons EP. I'm not sure what was the last album I actually bought on CD. The most recent albums I added to iTunes were downloads from the Live Music Archive at the Internet Archive-- Soulive 2003-02-19 Mercury Lounge and The Ditty Bops 2005-02-25 Cafe Du Nord.

what song is playing right now

Three songs have played while I've been writing this entry:
James Carter, "Freedom Jazz Dance," Live at Baker's Keyboard Lounge
Bloc Party, "Like Eating Glass," Silent Alarm
Chris Potter, "Boogie Stop Shuffle," Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard

what five songs do I listen to a lot because they are special to me

These aren't so much songs that I listen to a lot because they are special, but songs that are in my songs most listened to in iTunes that I can explain why they are in the most played.

Morphine, Buena, Cure for Pain. It's a great song, which I listened to a ridiculous number of times to learn very quickly so as to not embarrass myself when sitting in.

Beck, Where It's At (Makeout City), Sessions at West 54th. This is one of the most ridiculous version (in a good way) of a great song that always puts me in a good mood.

U2, I Will Follow, Live Under the Brooklyn Bridge. After playing through the songs from the new album, U2 broke into two older songs, Beautiful Day and I Will Follow, and the crowd went nuts. I Will Follow is such a perfect rock song and U2 pulls it off with such a rock and roll swagger that is mostly captured on this recording.

David Binney, Frez, Welcome to Life. My favorite track from one of my two favorite jazz albums of 2004. It builds slowly and covers a lot of ground.

Agents of Good Roots, Radio King, Needle and Thread, various live recordings. This is a very unique song and probably the one I've heard the most different versions of (from the original artist) and enjoyed every single version.

Unfortunately, there is no way to see what the most frequently played songs are in iTunes within the last month or two, only since the first use of iTunes.

five people I'm passing the musical baton to

Do I have to? Are there even 5 people reading this?

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