Subway misadventures

August 3, 2005

Nothing like a fun trip home to make you really appreciate the MTA.

On Friday night, I was going home from Williamsburg to Brooklyn Heights, originally planning to go via karaoke around Canal Street. Arriving at the Bedford Ave. stop on the L, I found two trains were in the station, both going to Brooklyn. A service change was having the L running a one-track shuttle between Union Sq. and Bedford.

At Union Sq, I transferred to the N, running local. This was about the point where I gave up on karaoke and was tired enough just to want to go home. Unfortunately, the N was only going to Whitehall St, not to Brooklyn.

At Canal, I transferred to the Lexington line, but the 4 was only running to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall, not to Brooklyn.

At Brooklyn Bridge, I transferred to the J, which was running to Brooklyn in place of the 4.

After one stop on the J (Fulton St.), the conductor announced, "Due to a police investigation, this will be the last stop on this train," so I transferred to the 2.

Finally, the 2 train took me back to Brooklyn.

This was one of those nights where it would have been so worthwhile to take a cab home. I almost hit subway bingo, but didn't hit any IND lines.

Posted by Andrew Raff at August 3, 2005 10:48 PM
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