Race, now with Amazing

February 28, 2006

Hey, the Amazing Race is back. Some running notes on this episode:

  • No mactors. Teams of 2. Red Rocks. It's real TAR! Represent!

  • "put on some pans, it's time to dance" Hippie dudes, represent.

  • No clips from Family Edition in the open credits. I guess that the producers didn't like the Amazing Roadtrip either.

  • "They haven't been smnoking pot for a while, I guess."

  • "That's OK, they're hot."

  • The gay guys from Boston are not going to win. [Bingp]

  • Is Lake this race's Jonathan?

  • The Staten Island girls are definitely from Staten Island (by the accent).

  • The first flight-- Denver to Sao Paolothat's further than any single leg in Family Edition. Hey, this is the real Race.

  • Is it [Spanish] not he same thing [as Portuguese]?" "I thought that was the language of the world." No, that would be Mirnish.

  • "We're not seeing it" as they walk directly by the cluebox.

  • "They live like this!" Compared with Kendra (TAR6), positively enlightened.

  • "Is this the most James Bond thing you've ever done?" And that's not the episode title? I guess CBS doesn't hold rights to Bond.

  • Team Mojo with Mo and Jo t-shirts? Um, no.

  • Interesting-- no bunch/anti-bunch in the first leg besides the spoon-fed flights. Is this the first Race ever that didn't have an overnight stop within the first leg?

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Posted by Andrew Raff at February 28, 2006 11:01 AM
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