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Here are links to pieces I have written that are available at other places.


eMarketer In 2001 and 2002, I worked as a researcher for internet research aggregator eMarketer, where I also contributed as a writer for one report and a number of articles.


PDA Market Report
I was the principle author of the PDA Market Report, with many thanks to the senior analysts, researchers and editors who helped me polish the project. It checks in at 124 pages of aggregation-ey goodness.
eMarketer's PDA Market Report reviews the current status of the worldwide PDA/handheld computer market - from the perspective of data-centric devices - and analyzes the trends that are shaping its future growth. The report reviews enterprise and consumer adoption and is an ideal resource for technology vendors, industry analysts, enterprise buyers and anyone who is marketing to or for the industry.


Pornography Online: Who is Behind the Green Door?
While the vast majority of US adults say they are concerned about sexual content on the web, the number of adult sites continues to proliferate unabated. Contributing Writer Andrew Raff discusses one of the most controversial -- as well as successful -- sectors of the internet.

Digital Kids: The Wired Class of 2001

This year's graduating class is the most internet-savvy group ever to enter the workforce. But, as Contributing Writer Andrew Raff finds, far fewer college seniors plan to bring their skills to the dot-com industry than in years past.

Women on the 'Net: Taking Care of Business

Contributing Writer Andrew Raff finds that while women in the US certainly have embraced the use of technology in the workplace, the degree of gender equality in the high-tech industry remains a subject of debate.

Hispanics Online: Closing the Digital Divide

Contributing Writer Andrew Raff reports that more and more of the Hispanic population in the US is going online.

B2C September 2001: A Tale of Two Trackers

With Forrester, Harris & Nielsen//NetRatings and the US Department of Commerce releasing conflicting estimates, it's hard to make sense of the numbers. Andrew Raff provides some enlightenment.

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