April 13, 2003

Last night, I joined Robin and Sharif in celebrating their birthdays at the worst karaoke bar in NYC, BINY. I had a good time despite the establishment's efforts.

We ordered a round of Sake bombs. Some people got very watered-down sake. The rest of us got warm water, with no sake. I don't know what those cost, but I'm sure the price was as outrageous as their other drinks: $8 for a bottle of beer and $10 for a mixed drink. The waitress seemed unable to understand Robin's order of a vodka tonic, since it wasn't on the drink menu checklist.

As far as karaoke, the selection was mediocre at best, distinctly lacking in 80's pop songs.

The only good thing about BINY is its location right at the entrance to the Canal St. A/C/E subway station. If you're looking to karaoke, avoid BINY at all costs.

Posted by Andrew Raff at April 13, 2003 11:27 PM
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