2003 in Review

December 31, 2003

Where did 2003 go? It seems like just yesterday was the middle of the summer, and now we're on the doorstep of 2004. While I sit around and wait for OS X 10.3 (Panther) to finish installing on my laptop, I can revew some of my favorite posts from this past year, in no particular order:


Best open offer:

  • Your Logo Here (There are still many opportunites for sponsoring AndrewRaff.com! Right now, I'm looking to fill the Official Summer Employer spot I have open.)


Photos of NY landmarks celebrating notable anniversaries:

Relatively substantive analysis:

Best Movie Criticism:

Best post where I acknowledge that I own Meco's Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk:

Fun with Numbers:

Two favorite uncategorized posts:

This year in review isn't quite as much fun as my 2002 year in review, probably because I posted links off on their own this year and did not include them in this review. Feel free to review the 1466 Linky links I posted since March.

I'll be back next week. Have a happy new year.

Posted by Andrew Raff at December 31, 2003 01:52 PM
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