May 3, 2005

Two of my favorite RSS feeds are Technorati watchlists for and, because I like seeing people linking to my posts. It means that my thoughts are clever and interesting or completely idiotic and wrong.

Through my technorati watchlist, I found a post on considering education that discusses a post I wrote in March about education, the internet and information literacy: "it's law student Andrew Raff, who really seems to “get it” when it comes to literacy, education, and how we find the information we need in today’s world."

Even though I'm not too good at the shameless self-promotion (even though that is still the putative title of this weblog), this quote is just too good not to post. Of course, it is always fun to read nice things about yourself.

According to the cool cats in El Jezel, who I sat in with when we played a show together at Trash, I am "a consumate professional." They even have a video of that performance. (Speaking of Trash, we (The Bosch) will be back there on Friday. I will have just finished taking three in-class exams on three consecutive days. There will be an open bar while The Walk Ons and Low Red Land play before us. It should be interesting....)

And, just because it is accurate, according to Googlism, "andrew raff is a pogo stick that hovers three feet from the ground." (Original reference here).

Posted by Andrew Raff at May 3, 2005 01:02 AM
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